Remodeling Articles & Tips for Brooklyn Homeowners

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Don't Leave Out The Comfort Factor in Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Long ago, mankind fought hard to stay warm. We huddled in holes, caves, built dirt and straw homes... - Read More

Tile Backsplash Ideas For a Unique Kitchen

A home is only as unique as its owner and this is shown in the decorating style and accents displayed throughout the house - Read More

Professional Kitchen Stoves - Cooking the Elite Way

The soul and center of any restaurant is the kitchen. The equipments used in each and every restaurant vary in range and quality - Read More

Remodeling Your House the Green Way

One major way to go green is to change the way you live, especially where you live. Remodeling your house the green way is easier than you think - Read More

Things You Should Look For With Remodeling Contractors

Whether the homeowner is do-it-yourself savvy or would simply prefer leaving everything in the hands of experts, the homeowner at one point or another would need the help - Read More

5 Home Remodeling Mistakes

Lucky are those who already have their own New York Area homes, because they can consider them as investments. No matter how old the New York Area home is, there is always an option and an opportunity to make the New York Area home as good as new - Read More

How to Pick a Remodeling Contractor

If you live in the state of New York and you plan on having some remodeling done, you may need a good home remodeling contractor to help you out with your needs - Read More

Finding the Right Contractor

Finding the right contractor for home improvements is probably the single most important part of home remodeling or additions.  Not only do you need to find a reliable professional who stands behind his or her work, but you need to find the right contractor - Read More

Don’t Become a Remodeling Victim

We have all heard horror stories about people who have been scammed and cheated by people who claim to be contractors.  A large number of these stories come from the aftermath of natural disasters or devastating storms.  Tragedy seems to - Read More

How Safe Is Your Bathroom?  It Might Be Time to Remodel

Every homeowner wants to feel confident about the safety of his/her family. Homeowners know the bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house. In addition to the risk of personal accidents and injuries, electrical receptacles and - Read More

Kitchen Blues: Remodel or Move?

If you are suffering from the kitchen blues – you want a terrific kitchen and don’t have one – you might need to decide whether the way to get that terrific new kitchen is to remodel your current home or move to a new house with the kitchen of your dreams - Read More

Creating Your Kitchen Remodeling Design

A critical part of planning a kitchen remodel is creating your kitchen remodeling design.  It is really important to spend whatever amount of time you need to develop the exact design you want in your kitchen remodel.  In fact, it is very important in - Read More


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