Kitchen Blues: Remodel or Move?

If you are suffering from the kitchen blues – you want a terrific kitchen and don’t have one – you might need to decide whether the way to get that terrific new kitchen is to remodel your current home or move to a new house with the kitchen of your dreams.  There are many things to consider as you try to make this decision.  Here are a few tips to help you make that decision.

1.  Do you like the rest of your current home?  Are you happy with the size, layout/floor plan, location, neighborhood and yard?  If you are not, then the decision to move might be obvious.  If you are happy with your current home, but you would like to change a few things, it is probably worth considering some remodeling, perhaps in stages (taking one room at a time).

2.  Is your current home worth the investment?  Would the kitchen of your dreams be completely out of place in your current home? Would the kind of kitchen remodel you have in mind result in over-improving your home in terms of other houses in the neighborhood? 

3.  How do you feel about moving and about remodeling?  Do you enjoy remodeling? Can your family live with the disruption while the work is done? Or do you cringe at the thought of even a minor remodeling project?  Would you do the work yourself? Would you hire a general contractor? Would you do part of the work and have a contractor do the rest?  Do you have the time to look for a house that fits your needs? Do you have the time to devote to a remodeling project?

4.  Have you compared the costs of remodeling vs. moving?  Many homeowners compare costs based on partial information and find themselves surprised by the actual cost of either remodeling or moving.  There are many hidden costs or costs people don’t think about when they are making a decision.

5.  How will you pay for the remodel or the move?  Will you use available cash? Will you use financing options?  Can either solution be financed without up-front cash from your savings?  Do you know how much credit is available to you for either a remodel or a move?

6.  Can you find the house you need with the kitchen you want by moving?  Kitchens in newly constructed homes are often bigger and better equipped than many older kitchens.  As you look for a new house with the kitchen you want, you might find it necessary to make some compromises between the kitchen and what you need in the rest of the house.  What are the realistic chances you can find a house that meets all the needs of your family and has a terrific kitchen?

These questions should help you begin to think about the best way for you to get the Brooklyn kitchen design you want.  They will also help you ask other equally important questions as you decide whether to remodel or move to chase away the kitchen blues.


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