Don’t Become a Remodeling Victim

We have all heard horror stories about people who have been scammed and cheated by people who claim to be contractors.  A large number of these stories come from the aftermath of natural disasters or devastating storms.  Tragedy seems to bring these people out of the sewers. Unfortunately the most vulnerable are often targeted and cheated.  But there are ways to protect yourself and your friends.  Here are some tips about protecting yourself when you are remodeling or making repairs to your Brooklyn home.

1.         Never consider hiring someone who shows up on your doorstep, especially immediately after a storm or natural disaster.

2.         Never consider hiring someone who offers you an exceptionally long guarantee.

3.         Never consider hiring someone who insists on full payment in advance.

4.         Never hire someone who tries to pressure you into making an immediate decision.

5.         Never hire someone who happens to have the materials on hand.

6.         Never hire someone who offers you a discount for finding other customers.

7.         Never hire someone who offers to repair or remodel your home as a demonstration or a local sample of his or her work.

8.         Never hire someone you have not taken the time to check out. 

9.         Never hire someone who suggests that you borrow money from a specific lender he or she knows.

10.       Never sign any document that has blank spaces that can be filled in after you sign.

11.       Never let anyone pressure you into signing anything.

12.       Never sign a document you don’t fully understand.

13.       Never sign a document in which you agree to deed your property to anyone until you have carefully reviewed it with a trusted attorney.

14.       Never agree to contractor financing without shopping around for better terms.

15.       Never let a contractor begin work without giving you a written contract that specifies all materials and the expected quality of work and a final total cost for the project.

16.       Insist upon handling all changes from the contract with a written change order that specifies any difference in the cost.

Although this list is not intended to be comprehensive, it will help you protect yourself when hiring a Staten Island remodeling contractor and arranging financing for a home remodel.


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