Brooklyn Gutter & Gutter Protection Systems

Gutter Protection Brooklyn, NYGutters keep the water that falls on your roof from collecting near your foundation. If your gutters are leaking, it is usually a sign that seams have come loose or that a section of gutter has become corroded. Leaky gutters can be patched or repaired.

All solid metal gutter covers work on the same principle; rain flows over the curved edge of the cover and into the gutter through a gap small enough to keep out the debris, using a principle of physics known as the Coanda Effect. The phenomenon of a fluid flowing in contact with a solid surface, and tending to follow it even when it curves away, was discovered by Henri Coanda in 1910. The solid metal cover differs from mesh gutter covers in that it allows the debris to slide off, rather than becoming trapped and blocking the mesh.

At Louis J. Home Remodeling, we provide installation and repairs of all different types of Brooklyn gutter systems.


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